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This wiki is about a fictional character. This is a fictional character made by "Sega". For more information about "Cream The Bunny" I suggest googling her. I do not have all provided information about her at the moment, but there is a bio I put together about her at the bottom from the help of some of my friends.

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Cream the Rabbit is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic rabbit and the daughter of Vanilla the Rabbit. She is a friend of the Chao,[3] especially to her dear Chao friend Cheese, who she takes with her everywhere. Originally living an idyllic life with her family, Cream had a chance encounter with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends when the evil Dr. Eggman entered her world, and soon began joining them on their adventures. She is able to achieve flight by flapping her large ears.

Cream is very polite, well-mannered and pure, though she can be childish and naïve. She is full of curiosity and tries her best in everything she does. Though young, she is not afraid to stand up for herself and will always be there to help out her friends. Just as Tails is the sidekick of Sonic, Cream serves the same purpose for "Amy Rose" and "Blaze the Cat".


Names: Cream & Cheese

Nicknames: N/A

Races: Rabbit and Chao (Speculation: If you choose to get technical, Cream is probably a simple domestic lop-eared rabbit and Cheese is a baby Neutral Chao.)

Genders: Cream is female; Cheese has no gender (sometimes referred to as male or female).

Ages: Cream is 6 years of age; Cheese's age is unknown

Dates of Births: Both unknown (Cream's DOB is generally confirmed as December 19th, since that was the first release of her first video game. However, it is not canon to the video game storyline, as her true DOB is unknown. If you find it necessary to add her DOB nonetheless, December 19th would be the most ideal choice.)

Birthplace: Both unknown

Height: 70 centimeters (2 feet and 3 inches); Cheese is 40 centimeters tall (1 foot and 3 inches)

Weight: 12 kilograms (26.4 pounds); Cheese's weight is unknown

Ability Type: Cream is a Flight type.

Alignment: Hero for both.

Physical Techniques:

(1). Spin Attack Description: While in locomotion, Cream can curl down and take on a fetal position, rolling along the ground as a ball at a very high speed and rate of torque, meant primarily for breaking through barriers, or destroying enemies.
In-game debut: Sonic Advance 2, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, 2002

(2). Spin Jump Description: Also referred to as the "spinball jump," Cream is able to leap into the air and curl into a spinning, tightly compacted ball of destruction which can destroy enemies and break barriers.
In-game debut: Sonic Advance 2, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, 2002

(3). Spin Dash Description: Originally named the "Super Spin Dash," Cream is able to curl down and begin revving up, taking on a diagonally pivoted, ovular shape. Once unleashed, Cream blasts forward in an acceleration roll of high speeds that also has some limited airborne capability, meant to break barriers or mow down enemies.
In-game debut: Sonic Advance 2, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, 2002

(Aside from being able to trash any badnik it wants, Cheese has no special physical techniques)

Abilities and Aptitude:

(1). For a 6 year old rabbit girl, Cream certainly knows how to keep up with the guys of the Sonic cast with high speed and knowledge of the common techniques (ie Roll, Spinball Jump, and Spin Dash).

(2). Cream can flap her two large ears and fly. Though she can't stay elevated nearly as long as Tails and Rouge, her distance makes up for it.

(3). Cheese is perhaps one of the most unique Chao there is. It can fly at a speed fast enough to keep up with its rather speedy friend of a rabbit, not to mention has a body made of steel! Cream's most useful and powerful method of offense is calling for, or just hurling Cheese right at the opponent, and the impact is usually highly destructive.

Hobbies and Talents:

(1). Cream has good cooking, decorating, and all around at-home-care skills, more than likely thanks to her mother.

(2). Cream is talented with many types of Extreme Gear.


(1). Cream is not the ideal fighter. (2). She's highly sensitive. (3). Cream isn't likely to go into battle without Cheese.

Physical Appearance:

- Close-lying buff fur with orange markings around her eyes, head, and on the tip of her ears - White fur muzzle and light pink inner ears - Large eyes with chestnut brown irises, black pupils and glassy white sclera - 2 thick, triangular tufts of fur extruding out from the bottom sides on the back of her head - Large, very floppy and lopped ears that hang behind her head - Small brown and shiny nose with no apparent nostrils - Circular, fluffy tail of buff fur - Buff-furred small feet with no distinct toes


- A pastel, light blue in color - Yellow accents at the tips of it's head, hands, feet, and tail - Bulb-shaped head - Dark blue eyes - A floating, yellow pom-pom ball hovering above the tip-top of it's head that changes appearance corresponding to it's emotions - two pink, butterfly-like wings - Small, circular tail


- A pair of white gloves with gold cufflinks - A vermilion dress with a white v-point collar - A cobalt dual-flap tie - Vermilion and yellow shoes with gray, shiny soles (could be made of steel and rubber) - White socks - When riding Extreme Gear, Cream wears a vermillion colored T-shirt with a bright yellow star on the front and a white stripe near the bottom, a pair of vermillion colored shorts, a yellow visor with a vermillion colored band around her head, a pair of white gloves fastened by a grey metal ring and a pair of yellow and orange shoes with grey metal rings beneath the cuffs. She also wore a ring-like object of unknown origin that allows her to manipulate gravity

- Cheese only wears a simple red bowtie on its tummy

Items & Weapons:

- Her chao, Cheese, seems to be a hell of a weapon! Cheese will put its own health on the line by recklessly hurling itself directly at Cream's opponent.


- Smile Description: A buff, pink and yellow extreme gear air board. The Smile has good acceleration but, being for kids, has poorer stats than most other 'default' extreme gear air boards. Later on however, it was upgraded so it can now compete fairly with other Extreme Gear airboards.
Appearance: Sonic Riders, Nintendo GameCube/Sony PlayStation 2/Microsoft Xbox, 2006

Personality Details: 

Cream was brought up with the highest care as if she was royalty and also had a very strict upbringing, resulting in her unflappable manners and utmost courteous style of speech. Although she is not a spoiled brat by any means, she is still very naive and is always new to things, which causes her to be a little short on attention. But it is definitely made up for by her very sweet, good-mannered disposition. She minds her manners no matter what situation, even offering a polite curtsy before attacking Eggman!

She is very charitable, very loving, but at the same time very sensitive and rather childish. She is prone to burst into tears over something stupid like stolen candy. But this is a very meager disadvantage in comparison to how courteous and polite she is; liking no more than being happy and seeing others the same way. This is the exact reason why Cream is a pacifist. She abhors violence of all forms, and balks at the idea of needless roughhousing. Don't threaten her loved ones, though, because this rabbit will dish out pwnage if need be.

Cheese is a very loyal Chao and is always ready to help Cream in battle. If Cream is upset, so is Cheese. In case you're keeping score, that's not a good thing.

Historical Biography:

Like a very large majority of the Sonic cast, Cream's past is very vague and intangible. Before she met Sonic, it seems Cream grew up and was raised by her mother, Vanilla. She was brought up like a princess and was cherished by her mother like any only child. This caused her to be rather immature, yet also gave her the manners of a true mademoiselle. And always at her side is her faithful chao, Cheese. Cream brings Cheese wherever she goes and considers it as more of a true, equal friend than just a pet.

Cream & Cheese's addition to the cast came about as the result of a tragic event, as Cream's mother, Vanilla, was kidnapped by Dr. Robotnik, along with Tails, and even Cream herself! (Knuckles was just tricked again.) At the receiving end of their detainment was none other than a shell of metal, as Eggman intended to turn them all into robots and mount the Eggman Empire once and for all. Luckily, Sonic wasn't captured. So off speeded the Blue Blur to save his friends. The first one he happened to free was Cream and after Sonic got acquainted with Cream & Cheese (Sonic being very impressed by Cream's manners), he sped off once more to free the rest of his friends and throw a wrench into Eggman's plan.

Cream & Cheese, however, were motivated to try to free Vanilla themselves. They eventually did manage to rescue Vanilla from Dr. Robotnik's evil clutches. But ever so stubborn, Eggman once again captured Vanilla by sucking her up in his latest doomsday device that at the time was using its cloaking device. Cream, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles arrived too late to stop this, and the young girl was heartbroken. Luckily, Sonic had obtained the 7 Chaos Emeralds and, enraged by Dr Eggman's cruelty of snatching this young girl's mother away, transformed into Super Sonic, defeated Eggman in outer space, and saved Vanilla once and for all.

Cream has since then went back to her old life, but more often than not, she is seen hanging out with Sonic & company when she isn't at home with her mom, particularly around Amy since they get along great... at least when she isn't being used as Amy's punching bag, er, boxercise partner.

Personal Information:

Family: Vanilla the Rabbit

Greatest Friend(s): Chocola, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Big the Cat and Blaze the Cat.

Other Friend(s): Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat and Silver the Hedgehog.

Love Interest(s): None.

Rival(s): N/A

Foe(s): Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (her polite disposition can only go so far, after all)

Likes: Cream usually likes peaceful, recreational activities such as cooking, decorating things, etc., etc. But she also enjoys picking flowers, spending time with her friends, but most of all, Cream LOVES watching TV (especially "The NEXT Show") — she can't get enough of it! She also enjoys ice cream and, despite her manners, won't share it with anyone, not even Cheese!

As for the Chao, well, if Cream's happy, Cheese is happy.

Dislikes: Seeing others unhappy, or bad feelings around her and her friends. But most of all, Cream cannot stand violence; she detests it and won't resort to it unless forced.

Favorite Food(s): Ice Cream. Cheese enjoys coconuts.

Favorite Color(s): Unknown. Probably orange, yellow and blue.

Favorite Music Genre(s): Any kiddy style of music, most likely.

Occupation: Unemployed. Too young, of course.

Place of Residence: Unknown. (From the looks of it in the last few cutscene screens from Sonic Advance 3 credits, it looks like some quaint white cottage overlooking the sea. She sometimes stays with Amy in her apartment in Central City as shown in Sonic Battle.


Franchise Names: Cream the Rabbit & Cheese the Chao

Original purpose: Who knows? Probably just because Sonic Team wanted to make new characters for Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic X. Cream & Cheese are just good friends of Sonic and co.

Current purpose: Supporting roles.

Date of first promotion/presence in the industry: Their first debut was in Sonic Advance 2, released first in Japan in December 19th, 2002.

Years in service: 9 and still going...

Impact on Series: When she was first introduced, critics had just begun to tire of new characters. Cream was given a pass at first thanks to her having debuted in Advance 2 and for being easy to play as. Now, however, she's joined the list of characters critics want wiped from the series.

Original Designer: Unconfirmed. Yuji Uekawa?

Design process: Unconfirmed. Cream & Cheese's design process was probably similar to how all of the others were made. Many design sketches were made and Cream and Cheese were chosen. Simple as that.

Possible design inspirations: The only obvious design inspiration for Cream & Cheese, and even her mother, are their names. Cream & Cheese is meant to emphasize the classic food topping, Cream Cheese, while her mother is named Vanilla, and Cheese's brother is named Chocola.

Prestigious design variations: 2

+ - current design — - original design - 1, Sonic Advance 2, 2002 — + (pictured at the top) - 2, Sonic Riders, 2006 (This design is exclusive only to Sonic Riders and is not her official design)

Known Game Voice Actors/Actresses:


Sonic Battle (JP): Sayaka Aoki Sonic Battle (US): Sarah Wulfeck Sonic Heroes (JP): Sayaka Aoki Sonic Heroes (US): Sarah Wulfeck Sonic Advance 3 (JP): Sayaka Aoki Sonic Advance 3 (US): Sarah Wulfeck Shadow the Hedgehog (JP): Sayaka Aoki Shadow the Hedgehog (US): Rebecca Honig Sonic Rush (JP): Sayaka Aoki Sonic Rush (US): Rebecca Honig Sonic Riders (US): Rebecca Honig Sonic Riders (JP): Sayaka Aoki Sonic and the Secret Rings (US): Rebecca Honig Sonic and the Secret Rings (JP): Sayaka Aoki Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (US): Rebecca Honig Sonic Riders: Shooting Star Story (JP): Sayaka Aoki Sonic Free Riders (JP): Sayaka Aoki Sonic Free Riders (US): Michelle Ruff Sonic Colors (JP): Sayaka Aoki Sonic Colors (US): Michelle Ruff Sonic Generations: White Time and Space (JP): Sayaka Aoki Sonic Generations (US): Michelle Ruff


Sonic Battle: Etsuko Kozakura Sonic Heroes: Etsuko Kozakura Sonic Advance 3: Etsuko Kozakura Shadow the Hedgehog (JP): Etsuko Kozakura Shadow the Hedgehog (US): Jack Quevas Sonic Colors: Etsuko Kozakura

Sonic Games they have been playable in:

(1). Sonic Advance 2 (Nintendo Game Boy Advance) (2). Sonic Battle (Nintendo Game Boy Advance) (3). Sonic Heroes (GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox) - Sonic Heroes (PC) (4). Sonic Advance 3 (Nintendo Game Boy Advance) (5). Sonic Riders (GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox) (6). Sonic and the Secret Rings (Nintendo Wii) (7). Sonic Riders: Shooting Star Story (Nintendo Wii) - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Wii/PlayStation 2) (8). Sonic Free Riders (Xbox 360)

Other games they have been playable in: N/A

Sonic Games they have made an appearance in:

(1). Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (Nintendo GameCube) - Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (PC) (2). Sonic Pinball Party (Nintendo Game Boy Advance) (3). Shadow the Hedgehog (GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox) (4). Sonic Rush (Nintendo DS) (5). Sonic Rivals (Sony PlayStation Portable) (6). Sonic Generations: White Time and Space (PlayStation 3/Xbox 360, PC)

Other games Cream has made an appearance in:

(1). Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo Wii/DS - as a referee) (2). Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo Wii - as a sticker and trophy) (3). Mario & Sonic at Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo Wii/DS - as a referee) (4). Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Nintendo Wii/3DS - as a referee)

Non-video game portrayals:

(1). Sonic X, made in Japan, then later dubbed for US release (Anime TV Series) (2). Sonic X, SOA-licensed by Archie comics, based on the previously mentioned anime (Comic series) (3). Sonic the Hedgehog, SOA-licensed by Archie Comics (Comic Series) (4). Sonic Universe, SOA-licencsed by Archie Comics (Comic Series)

Theme Song(s):

Sonic Heroes: "Follow Me" by Letters to Cleo's Kay Hanley ("Shared" with Amy and Big of Team Rose)

Personal character analysis/commentary (by Ryan the Game Master):

I liked Cream from the get go. She's sweet, polite and a precious girl to have in your company. You don't see that too often in this series. In fact, I'm sure many of the fandom's young girls could look to Cream as a role model of sorts. Lord knows we could use come civility 'round here.

On the other hand, I can understand why some might not like her. Pacifists are usually seen as cowards and wusses who couldn't fight if they wanted to. This is the usual ignorant impression some people tend to have from what I've seen, and in video games, this is usually too negative of a flaw for a character, especially if he/she is supposed to be playable.

But, just because one does not like to fight does not mean one should forsake it entirely. Fighting for the right reasons is nothing to be ashamed of. Believe it or not, Cream learned this lesson in Sonic Battle, and I feel it really helped her character.

I'm glad Cream is still around. As far as I'm concerned, she has a bright future ahead of her.

As for Cheese, well...I don't think we're going to have Chao Gardens in the games again any time soon, so those who like Chao have to learn to like Cream. ^_^; Aside from that, what I like about Cheese is how loyal the Chaos is to Cream. They've made it through thick and thin and seeing their bond is sweet. In particular, I want to see Cheese interact with the rest of the cast a little.

More than anything, though, I want to see what kind of Chao Cheese grows into.

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